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proCONTRACTS: Intelligentes Vertragsmanagement mit Microsoft Dynamics 365 > Jetzt Demo vereinbaren

dynamics contractmanagement software

Create contracts fast

Manage contracts easily

Analyze contracts intelligently

Contract Management Software – easy and fast

proCONTRACTS creates freedom

proCONTRACTS is the intelligent support for end-to-end management, creation and analysis of contracts in Microsoft Dynamics 365. Regardless of whether you just want to get a brief overview of existing contracts with partners, suppliers or customers or want to automatically create or change a new contract, with proCONTRACTS it’s all child’s play – and you have time for the essential tasks in the company.

  • Manage contracts – everything at a glance at the push of a button
  • Create contracts – it’s faster with templates
  • Analyze contracts – keep the numbers under control with intelligent dashboards
proCONTRACTS does not forget

One thing is clear: Missed notice period deadlines, improper drafting of contracts, opaque filing systems, complicated approval processes, disregard of deadlines for follow-up contracts – all these are the biggest cost drivers and sources of error in contract management. proCONTRACTS from CRMFIRST puts an end to this, provides structure, legal security and a comprehensive overview of content, deadlines and profitability.

  • Monitoring of deadlines and deadlines – automated and reliable
  • Assignment of contract tasks to employees – very easily at the push of a button
  • Approval management – for tested and legally compliant modules
  • Confidentiality setting for sensitive contracts – with one click
proCONTRACTS pays off

Contract review, approval, deadline monitoring and data security, authorizations, contract creation and management – all of this and much more is a matter of course at proCONTRACTS. Another important component is controlling. proCONTRACTS provides here too. Dashboards and reports are available at any time and are the perfect basis for assessing profitability and savings potential. The great thing about it: In addition to the clever on-board tools of Dynamics 365, intelligent queries and views as well as PowerBI and other technologies are used. Everything has the look and feel of Microsoft, which makes everything a lot easier and thus significantly minimizes training times!

  • Evaluations and analyses – all numbers at a glance
  • In Dynamics 365 – 360° view of contracts, customers and partners
  • Potential savings – ROI usually within the 1st year

With proCONTRACTS we were able to implement the digitization of our contract management on the Dynamics 365 platform. The system is an effective tool to help us manage our contracts through their life cycle, and even at the base solution we find the system to meet most of our requirements. We are very pleased with the CRMFIRST team, and they have been very responsive in the implementation and customization of the system and we look forward to continuing working with CRMFIRST going forward.


Dr. Endre Kjarland

Associate Director Contracts and IP, BERGENBIO ASA

With proCONTRACTS, we have found a contract management solution that provides us with a complete 360-degree view of all aspects of our business partners, including all contracts. We were particularly impressed by the comprehensive functionalities, the integration with the Dynamics 365 platform we use, and the ease with which it can be adapted to our individual requirements. With the FastStart, CRMFIRST was able to provide us with optimal support during the implementation and enable us to use it quickly and efficiently.


Markus Schäfer

Geschäftsführer / Managing Director, ORDAT

Create contracts efficiently – manage contracts comprehensively

Template-based creation of standardized contracts, contract management and contract monitoring of all types of contracts

  • Quick and easy contract creation
  • Legal security of contracts through predefined contract blocks
  • Always valid contract clauses
  • Reminder function for contract deadlines and dates
  • All contract information at a glance
  • and much more
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Contract management with proCONTRACTS

With proCONTRACTS it is easier than ever to create, manage and monitor contracts. Everything in Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE, for seamless processes and efficient processing:

  • Easy creation
  • Legally secure contracts
  • Dates and deadlines always in view
  • Full integration in Dynamics 365
  • Efficient workflows
  • Structured contract management

Interested? Let us advise you by phone, email or in a video call. We would be happy to make you a non-binding offer for the use of proCONTRACTS for your company.