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proCONTRACTS: Intelligentes Vertragsmanagement mit Microsoft Dynamics 365 > Jetzt Demo vereinbaren

With proCONTRACTS, contract management becomes easy and secure

proCONTRACTS for Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the perfect basis for contract management in your company: from template-based creation of contracts, to management of different contract types, to deadline monitoring and monitoring contract data – proCONTRACTS provides you with comprehensive support.

proCONTRACTS from CRMFIRST is an additional module for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement. With proCONTRACTS you also have access to your contract data via your mobile devices and you can edit pending processes on the move. proCONTRACTS can be used with Dynamics 365 in the cloud as well as on premises or in a partner hosted environment.

Key features at a glance


Template-based contract creation

A legally secure contract using Click & Create

Optimized processes

Networked business processes, for example for approvals, ensure greater efficiency


Term and deadline monitoring

Intelligent automation ensures more security and transparency

Full transparency

All contracts, customer, partner and supplier contracts always in view


Central filing

Contract, correspondence, notes, attachments – all in one place


eSignature ready

Save time and money with the digital signature


Renewal management

Professional management and renewal of contracts


Intelligent contract analysis

Gain time, security and an overview through comprehensive data and facts

Contract hierarchies

Comprehensive mapping and easy management

Access control

Set up individually and assign differentiated access protection

All data at a glance

Intelligent dashboards and reports provide a perfect insight

Version management

Full transparency about changes, time and authors


Simultaneous versioning speeds up the processes

Electronic filing

Simply drag and drop to quickly keep things in order

proCONTRACTS in detail


Prepare contract

Quickly integrate all customer, supplier or partner data from Dynamics 365.


Create contract

Create new contracts in no time with the Click & Create configurator.


Release contract

Avoid errors with the audit function – so you always stay on the safe side.

vertrag freigeben

File the contract

Search was yesterday – proCONTRACTS creates transparency and provides a long-term overview at the push of a button.


Check contract

Efficiency, profitability, costs – evaluations are fun with proCONTRACTS.

Vertrag prüfen

Monitor contract

No more missing deadlines, just-in-time cancellations and additions avoid costs.


With proCONTRACTS and Microsoft Dynamics 365, contract management becomes intelligent!

proCONTRACTS is optimized for the Dynamics 365 platform. In plain language: User-friendly look & feel, contract data directly in Dynamics, it can be seamlessly linked to lead management, customer care, sales control or project management. Find out more about the possibilities now.